by jaeL

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released August 13, 2015



all rights reserved


jaeL New York, New York

22. NYC. Rapper. Sneakerhead. Gearhead.

But other than that, I live just an everyday life.

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Track Name: Do The Right Thing // Prod. By Cypria
The light is coming in
Another night’ll end
Guess I’ll grab the pen and paper time to write again
Every night my eyes opened wide for the past week
I should really start this paper due last week
Ive been on the Tube looking for these rap beats
I’ve only got an hour till my class meets
I ain’t really cut for schooling if you ask me
I’m ready to blow
I’m just waiting like a gas leak
But certain circumstances really be hurting my chances
I can't figure out the answers to my problems so I'm frantic
And I panic
Stranded in a fight with academics
I was raised in a culture where my talents reprimanded
And excellence is demanded
Not to mention only average
Updating my status that I'm barely even passing
I'm sporadic I'm erratic
Bout to cave into the madness
And I've had it
Fuck this shit.
I give up man, that's it!
But then I think about my parents and their sacrifice
Just so I can have a shot at paradise
Lavish life
The baddest wife
And I know that they care for me
But I'm scared to see their faces when they find that I've failed to be
Heir to family
Business, tremendous
Pressure on kid with artistic intentions
Pop would always mention the importance of a plan b
Life is not a game of snake you gotta make ends meet
Damn that's deep
It makes you ponder man
I try to tell my friend Walt but he don't understand
He got that trust fund, ain't really lived a tough one
And every other night, he'd be binging with a plus one
Man he just told me that Thirsty Thursdays is going down
Shit I don't drink
But I think I'll pour my heart another round
And lately I've been thinking if nobody was around
And my bars drop, could I still say I made a sound?
But fuck it I ain't doing this for recognition
No commisions
Fuck the tele I'm just tryna share my vision
If you praise it or you hate it
Either way I fucking made it
I will never sell a single piece of music I've created
Artist statement
Y'all can quote it
Might be broke but I'm devoted
The passions of a poet and it's time I fucking show it
And I know it's only right
To show the world what I'm about
Packed my bags and headed out
Got no room to carry doubts
And I’m ghost.
Track Name: Motivated
Shout out to Preemo
I apologize for stealing the beat
But shit, maybe you’ll let this one slide
Real Real
Real Hip-Hop
Real Real
Real Hip-Hop
Just An Every
Day Life
That’s Real Real
Real Hip-Hop

[Verse 1]
This is the story of a man
Who works on the intersection
Of sixty fifth and seventh
Pushing a cart full of candy bars
To sell to the many cars that roll they windows down for a second
With a sales pitch of old candy and stale chips
Gave the same kind smile if he ain’t sell shit
With that old brown jacket
On some hold it down status
He was posted on the corner standing next to his snacks just
Waiting on these cars every hour of the daylight
And they might pass him not even looking his way right
Its no fair, cold air, still won’t care
He gave that same kind smile even with snow here
Now check it
Since I was young, I could tell he wasn’t ordinary
With more to carry than I afforded
The thought was scary
But I was wary and recorded like a secretary
The very makeup of his commitment was something different
Aint even walk straight, pushing his cart
With all his might, what a sight
Hit you right in the heart
Thats when he came towards the car and I heard what he said
Then I realized this guy ain’t even right in the head

[Hook] x2
How many lines am I spitting man(Not enough!)
How many rhymes have I written man (Not enough!)
And all the time that I’ve put in really dont mean much
How many times have I given up (Way too much!)

[Verse 2]
At first, I bought some Starburst
And I heard his words slurred as he handed back change
Never occurred to my brain that he was handicapped
Strange as it were, it must've hurt when I laughed in his face
When I was young I made a lot of mistakes
Shiit this was the worst
But I matured from the lessons I learned
When I saw his work ethic, no matter how hectic
The way he kept it going changed my whole perspective
Used to joke yo
But now I respect it
I'm old now
Been a long while since I first tried to throw down
Rhymes every line, that’s the only thing I wrote down
Then it came time to flow yo, I broke down
Choke sound, Truly I was scared for my life
Starting thinking that nobody ever cared what I write
That’s faulty, the man selling candy’s got
Cerebral Palsy, but still he more ballsy than me

[Hook] x2 2:05

[Verse 3]
And it was hot, bout a hundred degrees
On the day my momma told me he got government cheese
So I struggled to see
Why he still would hustle the streets
Till I found out you couldn’t get nothing with these
I couldn’t believe the shit that they was giving him
Saying they’ll help but felt like they was getting rid of him
And even though the folks laughed at him
As they all drove past him
He was still on the block selling rocks that pop
So what inspires him?
Clearly ain't nobody trying to hire him
Never made enough to cop the flash that I'm requiring
Never got the love from the ladies I'm desiring
So how the hell this fella ain't retiring?
That's when it hit me
Made me realize rather quickly
Raising capital didn't matter
Skip the shift key
And even in the end, if his struggles weren't worth it
It still gave his life some sort of purpose
That's when I rolled up to him
Dropped the window
Hand him twenty
He said he ain't got change
I said brother you gave me plenty
I thought the whole world had something going against me
But I see now the problem was really something within me
He looked at me smiled
Didn't know what to say
But then the light switched green
And I drove away
But when I got home I put the pen down to the page
And I wrote down the words I couldn't speak on that day
I wanted to say
To tell you I am indebted to you
And on my journey to the stars, I’m remembering you
And someday, I hope you turning on the radio dude
And you hear this same song I’ve been penning for you

Track Name: Illusions // Prod. By CJ Beats
CJ on the beat uh
jaeL with the heat uh

[Verse 1]
I hope you understand me
I never had a plan B
And I was wild, drove a rift in our family
I know we used to argue that I’m not all that I can be
But now I’ve got the drive, cutting brakes like Camry
And I’ve identified, what I need to feel alive
Every time I spit a rhyme I feel the warmth from inside
I know you stayed up nights, wondering why he do that?
Well a lot of hearts beat ma, but
Mine Boom Baps
I’ve got a whole lot to say, tho I’m not getting paid
But I know you want me happy at the end of the day
So I see why you made school my first choice
And that’s cool, but all it ever did was hurt my voice
Tryna tell you I ain’t bout it, I could do better without it
See I knew pops was down, but I felt you always doubted
And I guess I never told you, but that really broke me down
Even though I told myself nothing could ever slow me down
But now

Im tired of feeling like Im all alone
Like I’m on my own
Tired of yelling at you on the phone
Im tired of saying I ain’t coming home
But no matter how I fake it
I can’t make it on my own
I can’t make it on my own, no I can’t make it on my own
No matter how I fake it
I can’t make it on my own
And I try to act strong, when you see me on the road
But no matter how I fake it, I can’t make it on my own

[Verse 2]
I guess I better tell you now and not wait til later
But growing up, I looked at you as my biggest hater
I felt like you ain't give a fuck what I wanted
And you really only noticed my success
So you could flaunt it to ya friends
Who had kids getting fancy ass degrees
MBA, PHD and that's neat, I agree
But that really ain't me, I wish that you could see
I'll change the world in a flash
With my plans out of class
But they always tryna teach me what it is
And not why
Like they tryna fit me in, but my mind is too wide
And I think I'd rather die than be told how to live
Really though
What's the diff if I never share my gift?
I can't take like it is
I finally got it figured out
That's why I called you and told you that I'm probably dropping out
And I know your heart stopped
"baby what you talking bout"
But momma please hear me out, before we both start to shout
Cause now


[Verse 3]
Im sorry momma but it’s something that I gotta do
I got a lot to prove
I’m young, not a lot to lose
I never had a silver spoon, just a silver tongue
Made a couple tracks, many more still to come
And still I feel like you ain't bothered, you ain't never listen
I guess that does explain the reason we've been growing distant
But when we got to speak in person things were feeling different
That's when you told me "Do your best J, I know you'll get it"
The curtain lifted
I saw no further obstacles
Flying over hurdles, hit the turbo
I'm unstoppable
Progress like a turtle but I promise that it's probable
I grew up hearing stories of you doing the impossible
How you came from nothing, and you conquered destitution
Went from doing make up then got your own distribution
And I gotta say it's great we got to clear up the confusion
Got my momma back, gotta say I like the sound of that
Cause now

It's good to know that I ain't all alone
I ain't on my own
I hear you smiling when we on the phone
It's good to tell you that I'm coming home
Cause no matter how I fake it
I can't make it on my own
I can't make it on my own, no I can't make it on my own
No matter how I fake it
I can't make it on my own
And I know you act strong when you see me on the road
But I promise when I make it, imma make it back home

Wish me luck ma.
Track Name: Phenom // Prod. By Cypria
I'm the
Type that'll boast cause I'm nicer than most
I'm spitting bars fit for stars caught the eye of the GOATs
Man what I'm writing is quotes
What you writing is jokes
Ain't no applause for a plausible stroke
So take notes
Let's go
Whatchu you know
Bout a young fella
Doing something stellar
That'll get these hoes open like an umbrella
I'm bout to get it
Though you say that I can't
I promise one day even you’'ll be screaming out in the stands (HA)

So what they calling, what they calling, what they calling me?
That's what they calling me. Yea that's what they calling me
Said what they calling, what they calling, what they calling me?
That's what they calling me. Shit that's what they calling me.
Ay what they calling, what they calling, what they calling me?
That's what they calling me. Yessir.
Yo tell these haters begone, I'm too hard for you to sleep on.
Somebody put the magazines on, I'm a phenom

[verse 2]
Another rhyme spoken is another mind blowing
Sign showing I'm the nicest fella out
I've broken every stigma that you've ever heard about
My focus and charisma bout to pack another house
How you trying me?
Used to tag along now the whole crew behind me
Wasn’t long till school would confine me
That's grimey
Like I gotta pull 180 degrees
But I'm hotter than these majors
I'm hitting it with ease
Tell em put it on repeat
I'm a beast to say the least
And I'm going off the meters I ain't parking in the streets
With the heaters that I'm spitting
They admitting they defeat
As I’m featuring the feats
Of me feasting on these beats
Got my lady in ya sheets?
That’s a damn lie
Boy she love her man shine, left my damn mark
Thats a tan line
Homie you can’t find none nicer than Jae
Ya Bloodclots need that vitamin K
Ay who you tryna play?


[Verse 3]
I bet ya get rich schemes
Jocking all my sixteens
DJ brought it back so many times he need that itch cream
I don’t need my wrist gleamed to show you that I spit mean
Who you know can get up on the track and wipe it this clean
Big screen living walking by I’ll have ya chick scream
But man I ain’t the type to wife her up so let that bitch dream
Never would I feen for the green that ain’t like me
Me? Selling out? Not likely. Tell em
Man I do it for the love
Getcha mind right
Never for the limelight
Wouldn’t even do it for a Klondike
How you figure I ain’t getting bigger
Boy I rhyme tight
Tryna take the crown, ya’ll gon need a better sound bite
Rappers got me down sight
Get at me
Ya’ll could never past me fella
Bout to run it like a track meet
But I aint an athlete, I preach like a pastor
I got it on lock like master
Ya'll don't hear me
Track Name: Scene 1 // Prod. By BluntedBeatz
So let tell you bout this story right
So I met this girl one day and uh
Man I don’t even know how to say this cause it’s kinda awkward
I don’t even know what I was doing that day man
Yo Imma tell ya’ll anyway

[verse 1]
The day was typical, same old peripherals
Bored out my mind, I was hoping for a miracle
But then she caught my eye when she walked right past me
And I ain’t gonna lie, girl my thoughts quite nasty
But chill, maybe if I play it right, I’ll impress her
Shawty lookin tight, I would love to undress her
Thinking bout her skin, and that smooth silky texture
Can’t wait to get it in and feel that warm milky pleasure
What the fuck, get ya head out the gutter
Boy you really fucking up, you kinda said that you love her
And I guess my luck is up, cause she giving me the slip
But Im running after her yo I ain’t bout to call it quits
This is kinda delicate, I would really love to meet her
But I’m hoping I ain’t sending her the wrong message neither
I ain’t tryna be no cat calling creep on the streets
I was thinking maybe we could grab some treats, bubble tea? haha

Ay tell me what to do I know I gotta make a move
But I ain’t never seen nobody quite as fine as you
I thought that I was smooth, nothing further from the truth
So how the hell do I approach you, I ain’t got a clue
I wish I had some confirmation, inside information
Cause ya body’s got me chasing and my mind racing
Now that’s that Nas’ flow, but baby girl I gotta know
You and me, Wendy’s, five o clock, is that probable?

[Verse 2]
I’m starting over and I’m asking for her name
But then I started kicking game, and she kept looking at me strange
So I’m hoping for a change, man I got
No chance with her
Forget about romancing her or tryna hold hands with her
Cuz yo you look dumb boy, she outta your league
I found it hard to believe, that she still listened to me
And now I’m waiting to see
Cause she was acting kinda different
‘stead of turning ‘round and dipping, she was really showing interest
Now she asking for my cell, holy hell, I’m fucking freaking out
Got everybody on the street like “what he screaming bout?!”
She looks astounding and I’m bout to get her fucking number
My heart is pounding and its sounding like the fucking thunder
I start to wonder how it happened
It was all so fast
See I was fumbling with my phone and then I heard a crack
And then I heard her gasp
So I forced out a laugh
And told her “thats a cheap fix”, talking out my ass


(phone ringing)
Cmon son...pick up…
(phone ringing)
Yo, yo ma man! You remember that chick I was telling you about?
Yea you know, that chick that I bumped into on my way to class the other day
She was real fine
So guess what bruh
I got her number today daaaaaaaaaawg.
Man, quit playing of course its real.
She had me text her on the spot so that she could get my number too
Yeaaaa buddy
I’m bout to like, call her right after this
No? Whatchu mean no?
3 days? Ain’t she gonna think that I forgot about her or something?
I mean she likereal fine man, I should call her right now right?
You think?
iight, iight Imma wait the 3 days.
I’ll call her after 3 days, I’ll call her after the 3 days I promise!
But yo if this shit fucks up, it’s on you dude.
I’ll hit you later.
Track Name: Introducing the Funky Monk
Cant nobody top this!
You ain’t never heard shit like this
The year of the sheep
Introducing the funky monk

You could check the bars I
Rap so eloquent
Ain’t a Far Cry
I ride the beat like an elephant
Ain’t a damn thing I remain so prevalent
Yo ass could be a relative and still wouldn’t be relevant
The throne was mine to take
Man that Mandate was heavensent
Every rhyme thrown has been great, yea it’s evident
Every mind blown is the stakes, I ain’t settling
I got the game wrapped around my finger like a wedding ring
This an exhibition for the heat I’ll forever bring
This is for the fam, tell’em money isn’t everything
This is for the kids stuck in class on a Saturday
This is for the parents who would leave us there like castaways

Ya’ll better check my style that I’m fanning out
Don’t you know ya boy be flyer than he handing out
Ya’ll was fitting in, I felt comfy always standing out
Proud to be that nail you could never fucking hammer down
Pull the camera out, see the sneer of the beast
This the year that you sheeps learn to fear what I preach
If you here to compete cause you hear I was weak
Know I’m looking real nice but I was geared for the streets
YUH Show’em no mercy, spitting that Sriracha
Son you looking real thirsty, have a sip of Matcha
Homie I can smell the hate, goddammit, we dem boys right?
Everything compliment was backhanded like it’s Muy Thai
I could give a damn if you barely understand it
Send you to another planet if you fucking with my language
Granted me the opportunity to lay another verse
So I put it on myself to lay them jokes in a hearse

They like “yo, you know kung fu?” Nah dude I wish I knew
So I could kick that smirk off ya face, I don’t fuck with you
Never let’em make me feel ashamed to be me, nawww
Walking past them white kids, yelling out “YEEHAWW”

Hiyah that, bitch!
Track Name: Too Easy // Prod. By CJ Beats
[Verse 1]
And I quote Yeezy
The weather so breezy
Man why can’t life always be this easy?
I’ve been praying one day I make it to the TV
Keep it clean, squeaky. Never turn sleazy
Speak only when needed homie
Never out the ass
See my father tried to teach me not to act out up in class
So I thought I would be signed, but they told me I’m declined
Said I'd never get the time unless I simulate the shine
Well shit, why didn't you say so?
I've seen the braggadocio
Man he full of lies and he knows like Pinocchio
Much to his surprise when he gave me the Okey doke
I started getting high off the shit like you can't hold me doe! Ha
I'm slamming rhymes like a 720 windmill
Man I'm the shit, catching homers from the infield
I'm Frankenstein on the beat, he retreats
To the back to find a leash for the beast, I repeat

[Hook 1]
And they told me be easy
Homie be easy
But you ain’t gotta worry man this shit is too easy!!
They told me be easy
Homie Be easy
But you ain’t gotta worry man this shit is too easy!!
They told me be easy
Chill yo! easy
But you ain’t gotta worry man this shit is too easy, yup
I got it good, now they wanna backtrack
But its hard to go back when you got it like that, okay

[Verse 2]
The other day I saw this girl, she was kinda cute
But when I spoke to her, yo
She was something rude
She started off "look I only date white dudes"
I'm said "bitch why the fuck you think I like you"
I've got a girl, so quit acting like a snob
Plus we here at best buy, so won't you let me do my job?
She flipped her hair and said , "let's make one thing clear
I'm the hottest Asian chick in this bitch right here
I get guys like you tryna Holla all the time
But I need a real man to save me from my kind"
By now, I'm like wow
Bitch is out of her mind
But shawty turned on a dime once I pushed her aside
Wanted me to fall in love with her
But damn I had enough of her
Started walking round tryna find another customer
She was on the ground, tightly hugging on my calf
Shit I got a lot of love but you ain't even getting half

[Hook 2]
So she told me be easy
Homie be easy
But you ain’t gotta worry man this shit is too easy!!
She told me be easy
Baby be easy
But you ain’t gotta worry man this shit is too easy!!
She told me be easy
Chill yo! easy
But you ain’t gotta worry man this shit is too easy, yup
I got it good, now she wanna backtrack
But its hard to go back when you got her like that, haha
Track Name: Patience // Prod. By CJ Beats
[Verse 1]
I'm just a class clown with a new rap sound
I used to argue with my teachers
Never backed down
I had em clapping in the bleachers when I'd act out
Had em laughing 'Jesus look at how he fucking wack'
I guess now you can tell that I've improved bro
Call me Kuzco with that new groove yo
I got a smooth flow that'll keep em chill more
Than an ice box
Man I'm tryna top the billboards
(How long...do I have to wait for ya?) and I hope it's not long
Man this feeling too strong for me to be doing wrong
Man I hope this new song
Bout to get me off the couch
Move me out my momma house
Cause she all up on my ass
I doubt that I can last
So it's gotta happen fast
I told her patience is a virtue I can't wait to have
Nah, I can't wait to have
Nah, I can't wait to have

(How long...do I have to wait for ya?) Baby tell me how long c’mon
(How long...do I have to wait for ya?)

[verse 2]
A couple years I've been spitting and no dividends
But the money ain't the profit I'm envisioning
I gotta Do more, do a few tours
Before I'll be finished and I'm grinning in my sleep again
But my momma doesn't get it
I told her not sweat it, but she keeps insisting one day I'll regret it
Thinking she is so convincing
Very little hit the wealth, if you don’t believe in me
Don't make me not believe myself
(How long...do I have to wait for ya?) cause you fucking up in school
Tell me whatcha gonna do, when your rap career is through?
Well shiiit...if I ain't rapping then I haven't got a clue, I mean
I think I got it good, learning shit about the hood
All the folks waiting for the day I'm taking Hollywood
I told them patience is a virtue I can't wait to have
Nah, I can't wait to have
Nah, I can't wait to have


[verse 3] // fans & friends anticipating this tape
And all the boys gave me daps for the raps, that's a fact
But it's been a long while since I've got up on a track
Since I've made they heads snap
Since I've made they heads bop
Man it's been a long while they thought I was dead
Stop haha
If you couldn't tell, I've been doing pretty well
Working like its hell on a CD I could sell
I kept y'all waiting
On this here tape and
Wondering will I make it
Man I swear it sounds amazing
(How long...do I have to wait for ya?) Ay homie where the hell you been
You ain't chilling in the wind
Haven't spoken to ya friends
But we know ya going in so tell us where the hell you been
Well I've been chilling with the lady
Yea we hella tight
And what's crazy is she making sure I get it right
She told me patience is a virtue she can't wait to have
Nah, she can't wait to have
Nah, she can't wait to have


[verse 4]
Check it
You've been by my side, day one
Down to Ride
You ever want something, say something
I'll provide
I can't complain about nothing baby
You and I
Bout to have it all in the land
Even in the sky
She puts a smile on my face
On the darkest days
I'll tour the world for my girl
And it starts today
Your life's rough still you found the strength to love
And for that, I could never give enough
Go and tellem whassup
(How long...do I have to wait for ya?) baby just a little bit
Once I make a couple hits and I land a couple gigs
We'll be living like we never had a care
Awwww yea
But first I gotta flip the scriptures
I'm gotta get richer but it feel like this shit need to come quicker
I guess patience is a virtue I can't wait to have
Nah, I can't wait to have
Nah, I can't wait to have

Track Name: Thought U Wuz Nice // Prod. By Synn Da CEO
Felt her heart rush, couldn’t help but blush
There he was, fresh cut, with a tailored tux
Everything’s been pretty perfect since her hit her up
He went from just a crush, now he can’t get enough
It didn’t matter since she met him just a week past
She felt her knees weak, she falling deep fast
And when she heard him speak, he made her relax
Tho she knew he was tryna hit it like a speed bag
But yo she kept her cool, gotta make the thirst wait
Living by her rule, never giving up on first date
Never been no fool nor a stranger to the game
But the shit that he was kicking let her know he ain't the same
He was smooth...a gentleman, the type to treat her nice
With a wink, had her feeling like her name was up in lights
Gave a smile, felt her finger getting heavy with the ice
Fuck around and make her think that she was seeing Mr. Right Ha
Settle down now
Regain composure
Dinner’s almost finished
Date was almost over
Was this a new beginning?
Or were they getting closure?
But every minute she was with him they were getting closer
The night was fun, a great start
She hit the bathroom tryna fix her face art
Came back, he was staring at her
Took her drink, felt it sparkle like his eyes did
He took her hand, helped her stand out her seat
She was playing arm candy as they walked down the street
She was falling endlessly for his charm, on the real
She could feel the chemistry between the two, it was real
But it started getting late, he offered her a ride home
Everything was great, she wondered where the time flown
But when she got inside the car things were looking blurry
That’s when he told her close your eyes you ain’t gotta worry

But despite what you taught, none of that was her fault dawg.
Track Name: Hold On // Prod. By ajononthebeat
From the land of the Shaolin
I never throw the towel in
Yea I hit them gimmes if these fellas get to foulin
Bitches get to wilin
I’m the one they following
String’em all along
Then I play’em like a violin
I got it on
You ain’t hotter than a mild wing
Why these fellas rushing homie
Imma stay stylin
Every rhyme is vile and
My mind is fucking violent
I’m grinding till I’m shining
For a while my stomach growling

The boy that you love to hate
I'm coming for your dinner plate and I ain't taking any breaks
And Everytime I celebrate I swear that I can smell the hate
Ya calling me a featherweight
I'll levitate you heavyweights
Waiting on my record homie imma go and set it straight
They playing me in every state, no time to let it meditate
Come and watch me demonstrate the way I fucking devastate
I'm rapping in my realest state
Coming for your real estate
Track Name: Come Along // Prod. By CJ Beats
[Verse 1]
So come along come along
Man I wouldn’t steer you wrong
Out of Brooklyn some new shit is going on
Let the world know Imma take it by storm
For the forums and the bloggers and the rappers I’ve warned
Sincerely yours, I put out my first tape from my dorm
Been dreaming since the fourth grade one day I would perform
Rocking shades on a stage cause the lights were too strong
Now it’s been a couple years
I finally got a move on
I’m coming through, making moves, betting big
Lemme roll the dice
Waiting on the day, they’ll be begging cause I’m over priced
Never tell me no, I know fasho what I wrote was nice
I’m haunting all my doubters with the rhythm like a poltergeist
UH Ain’t tryna get ahead of myself, but if you try to get ahead of me
You’ll never get the best of me
I’m mixing new melodies with old school integrity
Already knew you’ll feel it man I’m spitting out telepathy

[Hook] 2x
So come along come along let’s ride
I’ll be hitting up the cities from the east to the westside
Boy I ain’t stopping till I’m head high in checks
So come along, get a glimpse of my journey to success
Come along come along let’s ride
I’ll be hitting up the cities from the east to the westside
Boy I ain’t stopping till I’m head high in checks
So come along, get a glimpse of my journey to success

[Verse 2]
So come along, take a journey with me
But I ain’t rushing to the end, man there’s plenty to see
I gotta circle round a bit, make a couple pit stops
Getting lost for a while, then I make the shit rock
Let’s begin
I remember when, I was just a kid
Writing lines for the dimes, I was hoping for a kiss
What a trip, graduated from the mid, I’m in High School
Ya’ll could party hard, kicking bars
That’s what I’ll do
Shy dude, never been the type to brag
But if you wanna take advantage, I would like to add
Boy you could try and do ya damage, but I’m lightning fast
And hit you with the recoil like a rifle blast
And I might procrast-inate on my essay
But when it comes to kicking rhymes, I’m in the nick of time
On every track, tell the dj bring it back they can’t handle that
I rap, that’s a fact like a fucking snapple cap


[Verse 3]
I’m hearing “Please! Remember me when you famous!”
And I would, if you swear to remember me while I’m nameless
You aint never gave a damn
I was asking for a penny
How the hell you wanna dollar cause you see me getting plenty
That’s a joke right?
You ain’t been around when I was broke right?
Saying you was down, you can’t quote a thing I wrote right?
Get the fuck outta my face with that bullshit
Ya’ll was sleeping on me
Here’s a taste what you gon miss
I’m bout to make a hit
I’m stepping up to the batter’s box
These haters stay hating and they gossip like a chatter box
Saying “he a fool, he ain’t never comin up”
Well surprise, I’ve been rubbing off on em
Call me Static Shock
You already know I hold it down like a padded lock
Tryna step to me
You leaving town as a laughing stock
Really matters not, you either with it or you ain’t
If you booing or you cheering Imma kill it all the same