Do The Right Thing // Prod. By Cypria

from by jaeL



The light is coming in
Another night’ll end
Guess I’ll grab the pen and paper time to write again
Every night my eyes opened wide for the past week
I should really start this paper due last week
Ive been on the Tube looking for these rap beats
I’ve only got an hour till my class meets
I ain’t really cut for schooling if you ask me
I’m ready to blow
I’m just waiting like a gas leak
But certain circumstances really be hurting my chances
I can't figure out the answers to my problems so I'm frantic
And I panic
Stranded in a fight with academics
I was raised in a culture where my talents reprimanded
And excellence is demanded
Not to mention only average
Updating my status that I'm barely even passing
I'm sporadic I'm erratic
Bout to cave into the madness
And I've had it
Fuck this shit.
I give up man, that's it!
But then I think about my parents and their sacrifice
Just so I can have a shot at paradise
Lavish life
The baddest wife
And I know that they care for me
But I'm scared to see their faces when they find that I've failed to be
Heir to family
Business, tremendous
Pressure on kid with artistic intentions
Pop would always mention the importance of a plan b
Life is not a game of snake you gotta make ends meet
Damn that's deep
It makes you ponder man
I try to tell my friend Walt but he don't understand
He got that trust fund, ain't really lived a tough one
And every other night, he'd be binging with a plus one
Man he just told me that Thirsty Thursdays is going down
Shit I don't drink
But I think I'll pour my heart another round
And lately I've been thinking if nobody was around
And my bars drop, could I still say I made a sound?
But fuck it I ain't doing this for recognition
No commisions
Fuck the tele I'm just tryna share my vision
If you praise it or you hate it
Either way I fucking made it
I will never sell a single piece of music I've created
Artist statement
Y'all can quote it
Might be broke but I'm devoted
The passions of a poet and it's time I fucking show it
And I know it's only right
To show the world what I'm about
Packed my bags and headed out
Got no room to carry doubts
And I’m ghost.


from #FML, released August 13, 2015



all rights reserved


jaeL New York, New York

22. NYC. Rapper. Sneakerhead. Gearhead.

But other than that, I live just an everyday life.

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