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Shout out to Preemo
I apologize for stealing the beat
But shit, maybe you’ll let this one slide
Real Real
Real Hip-Hop
Real Real
Real Hip-Hop
Just An Every
Day Life
That’s Real Real
Real Hip-Hop

[Verse 1]
This is the story of a man
Who works on the intersection
Of sixty fifth and seventh
Pushing a cart full of candy bars
To sell to the many cars that roll they windows down for a second
With a sales pitch of old candy and stale chips
Gave the same kind smile if he ain’t sell shit
With that old brown jacket
On some hold it down status
He was posted on the corner standing next to his snacks just
Waiting on these cars every hour of the daylight
And they might pass him not even looking his way right
Its no fair, cold air, still won’t care
He gave that same kind smile even with snow here
Now check it
Since I was young, I could tell he wasn’t ordinary
With more to carry than I afforded
The thought was scary
But I was wary and recorded like a secretary
The very makeup of his commitment was something different
Aint even walk straight, pushing his cart
With all his might, what a sight
Hit you right in the heart
Thats when he came towards the car and I heard what he said
Then I realized this guy ain’t even right in the head

[Hook] x2
How many lines am I spitting man(Not enough!)
How many rhymes have I written man (Not enough!)
And all the time that I’ve put in really dont mean much
How many times have I given up (Way too much!)

[Verse 2]
At first, I bought some Starburst
And I heard his words slurred as he handed back change
Never occurred to my brain that he was handicapped
Strange as it were, it must've hurt when I laughed in his face
When I was young I made a lot of mistakes
Shiit this was the worst
But I matured from the lessons I learned
When I saw his work ethic, no matter how hectic
The way he kept it going changed my whole perspective
Used to joke yo
But now I respect it
I'm old now
Been a long while since I first tried to throw down
Rhymes every line, that’s the only thing I wrote down
Then it came time to flow yo, I broke down
Choke sound, Truly I was scared for my life
Starting thinking that nobody ever cared what I write
That’s faulty, the man selling candy’s got
Cerebral Palsy, but still he more ballsy than me

[Hook] x2 2:05

[Verse 3]
And it was hot, bout a hundred degrees
On the day my momma told me he got government cheese
So I struggled to see
Why he still would hustle the streets
Till I found out you couldn’t get nothing with these
I couldn’t believe the shit that they was giving him
Saying they’ll help but felt like they was getting rid of him
And even though the folks laughed at him
As they all drove past him
He was still on the block selling rocks that pop
So what inspires him?
Clearly ain't nobody trying to hire him
Never made enough to cop the flash that I'm requiring
Never got the love from the ladies I'm desiring
So how the hell this fella ain't retiring?
That's when it hit me
Made me realize rather quickly
Raising capital didn't matter
Skip the shift key
And even in the end, if his struggles weren't worth it
It still gave his life some sort of purpose
That's when I rolled up to him
Dropped the window
Hand him twenty
He said he ain't got change
I said brother you gave me plenty
I thought the whole world had something going against me
But I see now the problem was really something within me
He looked at me smiled
Didn't know what to say
But then the light switched green
And I drove away
But when I got home I put the pen down to the page
And I wrote down the words I couldn't speak on that day
I wanted to say
To tell you I am indebted to you
And on my journey to the stars, I’m remembering you
And someday, I hope you turning on the radio dude
And you hear this same song I’ve been penning for you



from #FML, released August 13, 2015



all rights reserved


jaeL New York, New York

22. NYC. Rapper. Sneakerhead. Gearhead.

But other than that, I live just an everyday life.

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