Phenom // Prod. By Cypria

from by jaeL



I'm the
Type that'll boast cause I'm nicer than most
I'm spitting bars fit for stars caught the eye of the GOATs
Man what I'm writing is quotes
What you writing is jokes
Ain't no applause for a plausible stroke
So take notes
Let's go
Whatchu you know
Bout a young fella
Doing something stellar
That'll get these hoes open like an umbrella
I'm bout to get it
Though you say that I can't
I promise one day even you’'ll be screaming out in the stands (HA)

So what they calling, what they calling, what they calling me?
That's what they calling me. Yea that's what they calling me
Said what they calling, what they calling, what they calling me?
That's what they calling me. Shit that's what they calling me.
Ay what they calling, what they calling, what they calling me?
That's what they calling me. Yessir.
Yo tell these haters begone, I'm too hard for you to sleep on.
Somebody put the magazines on, I'm a phenom

[verse 2]
Another rhyme spoken is another mind blowing
Sign showing I'm the nicest fella out
I've broken every stigma that you've ever heard about
My focus and charisma bout to pack another house
How you trying me?
Used to tag along now the whole crew behind me
Wasn’t long till school would confine me
That's grimey
Like I gotta pull 180 degrees
But I'm hotter than these majors
I'm hitting it with ease
Tell em put it on repeat
I'm a beast to say the least
And I'm going off the meters I ain't parking in the streets
With the heaters that I'm spitting
They admitting they defeat
As I’m featuring the feats
Of me feasting on these beats
Got my lady in ya sheets?
That’s a damn lie
Boy she love her man shine, left my damn mark
Thats a tan line
Homie you can’t find none nicer than Jae
Ya Bloodclots need that vitamin K
Ay who you tryna play?


[Verse 3]
I bet ya get rich schemes
Jocking all my sixteens
DJ brought it back so many times he need that itch cream
I don’t need my wrist gleamed to show you that I spit mean
Who you know can get up on the track and wipe it this clean
Big screen living walking by I’ll have ya chick scream
But man I ain’t the type to wife her up so let that bitch dream
Never would I feen for the green that ain’t like me
Me? Selling out? Not likely. Tell em
Man I do it for the love
Getcha mind right
Never for the limelight
Wouldn’t even do it for a Klondike
How you figure I ain’t getting bigger
Boy I rhyme tight
Tryna take the crown, ya’ll gon need a better sound bite
Rappers got me down sight
Get at me
Ya’ll could never past me fella
Bout to run it like a track meet
But I aint an athlete, I preach like a pastor
I got it on lock like master
Ya'll don't hear me


from #FML, released August 13, 2015



all rights reserved


jaeL New York, New York

22. NYC. Rapper. Sneakerhead. Gearhead.

But other than that, I live just an everyday life.

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