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from by jaeL



So let tell you bout this story right
So I met this girl one day and uh
Man I don’t even know how to say this cause it’s kinda awkward
I don’t even know what I was doing that day man
Yo Imma tell ya’ll anyway

[verse 1]
The day was typical, same old peripherals
Bored out my mind, I was hoping for a miracle
But then she caught my eye when she walked right past me
And I ain’t gonna lie, girl my thoughts quite nasty
But chill, maybe if I play it right, I’ll impress her
Shawty lookin tight, I would love to undress her
Thinking bout her skin, and that smooth silky texture
Can’t wait to get it in and feel that warm milky pleasure
What the fuck, get ya head out the gutter
Boy you really fucking up, you kinda said that you love her
And I guess my luck is up, cause she giving me the slip
But Im running after her yo I ain’t bout to call it quits
This is kinda delicate, I would really love to meet her
But I’m hoping I ain’t sending her the wrong message neither
I ain’t tryna be no cat calling creep on the streets
I was thinking maybe we could grab some treats, bubble tea? haha

Ay tell me what to do I know I gotta make a move
But I ain’t never seen nobody quite as fine as you
I thought that I was smooth, nothing further from the truth
So how the hell do I approach you, I ain’t got a clue
I wish I had some confirmation, inside information
Cause ya body’s got me chasing and my mind racing
Now that’s that Nas’ flow, but baby girl I gotta know
You and me, Wendy’s, five o clock, is that probable?

[Verse 2]
I’m starting over and I’m asking for her name
But then I started kicking game, and she kept looking at me strange
So I’m hoping for a change, man I got
No chance with her
Forget about romancing her or tryna hold hands with her
Cuz yo you look dumb boy, she outta your league
I found it hard to believe, that she still listened to me
And now I’m waiting to see
Cause she was acting kinda different
‘stead of turning ‘round and dipping, she was really showing interest
Now she asking for my cell, holy hell, I’m fucking freaking out
Got everybody on the street like “what he screaming bout?!”
She looks astounding and I’m bout to get her fucking number
My heart is pounding and its sounding like the fucking thunder
I start to wonder how it happened
It was all so fast
See I was fumbling with my phone and then I heard a crack
And then I heard her gasp
So I forced out a laugh
And told her “thats a cheap fix”, talking out my ass


(phone ringing)
Cmon son...pick up…
(phone ringing)
Yo, yo ma man! You remember that chick I was telling you about?
Yea you know, that chick that I bumped into on my way to class the other day
She was real fine
So guess what bruh
I got her number today daaaaaaaaaawg.
Man, quit playing of course its real.
She had me text her on the spot so that she could get my number too
Yeaaaa buddy
I’m bout to like, call her right after this
No? Whatchu mean no?
3 days? Ain’t she gonna think that I forgot about her or something?
I mean she likereal fine man, I should call her right now right?
You think?
iight, iight Imma wait the 3 days.
I’ll call her after 3 days, I’ll call her after the 3 days I promise!
But yo if this shit fucks up, it’s on you dude.
I’ll hit you later.


from #FML, released August 13, 2015



all rights reserved


jaeL New York, New York

22. NYC. Rapper. Sneakerhead. Gearhead.

But other than that, I live just an everyday life.

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