Thought U Wuz Nice // Prod. By Synn Da CEO

from by jaeL



Felt her heart rush, couldn’t help but blush
There he was, fresh cut, with a tailored tux
Everything’s been pretty perfect since her hit her up
He went from just a crush, now he can’t get enough
It didn’t matter since she met him just a week past
She felt her knees weak, she falling deep fast
And when she heard him speak, he made her relax
Tho she knew he was tryna hit it like a speed bag
But yo she kept her cool, gotta make the thirst wait
Living by her rule, never giving up on first date
Never been no fool nor a stranger to the game
But the shit that he was kicking let her know he ain't the same
He was smooth...a gentleman, the type to treat her nice
With a wink, had her feeling like her name was up in lights
Gave a smile, felt her finger getting heavy with the ice
Fuck around and make her think that she was seeing Mr. Right Ha
Settle down now
Regain composure
Dinner’s almost finished
Date was almost over
Was this a new beginning?
Or were they getting closure?
But every minute she was with him they were getting closer
The night was fun, a great start
She hit the bathroom tryna fix her face art
Came back, he was staring at her
Took her drink, felt it sparkle like his eyes did
He took her hand, helped her stand out her seat
She was playing arm candy as they walked down the street
She was falling endlessly for his charm, on the real
She could feel the chemistry between the two, it was real
But it started getting late, he offered her a ride home
Everything was great, she wondered where the time flown
But when she got inside the car things were looking blurry
That’s when he told her close your eyes you ain’t gotta worry

But despite what you taught, none of that was her fault dawg.


from #FML, released August 13, 2015



all rights reserved


jaeL New York, New York

22. NYC. Rapper. Sneakerhead. Gearhead.

But other than that, I live just an everyday life.

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